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English Let's go 5 evening of Maori culture

English Let's go 5 evening of Maori culture was on the same evening as all Aotearoa / New Zealand people celebrated Matariki / Maori new year. This was good timing and together with our English theme "lets all be friends" created a meaningful and relaxed evening.

As always we enjoyed singing our happy song together while clapping hands and stamping feet. Yukiko helped Vernon translate the meaning of Matariki stars (Subaru or Pleiades stars), who Maori are, why they tattoo and haka?

Vernon helped us all with tattoo drawing on our arms and legs while some if us made greenstone necklesses and we learned how important pounamu / greenstone is to Maori people and all kiwis / New Zealanders.

When we all had the greenstone necklesses made and tattoos drawn, then it came time to learn a simple haka. It felt great to slap our legs, arms and chest in rythem while all chanting together!

After the haka it is Maori tradition to all be friends like one tribe and share in a meal and celebrate Matariki. We had sweet potato 🍠 Kumara the Maori call it and its a favorite food in NZ, thanks Kanae for cooking it on the wood fires, they were yummy 😋 and went well with the soup Rumi made and rice.

It was a good evening and a great opportunity to learn about a different culture, thank you Capu Capu team and we looked forward to our next fun English let's go 6 evening on August the 25th!





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