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English Let's go 3 evening was a fun and relaxed time for everyone 😊

English Let's go 3 evening was a fun and relaxed time for everyone 😊

We sang our happy song together clapping hands and stamping feet then Vernon read the short story about the hungry caterpillar.

Next we planted tomatoes that Satsuki kindly donated. It was nice to work together digging and watering the plants and in the summer we hope to get juicy sweet tomatoes to eat.

Knowing we would be hungry soon we chopped vegetables for the soup and headed up the hill to play. It was lots of fun running, rolling and making face paint from the cherry tree with ripe cherries 🍒

Back down to the BBQ we enjoyed Capu Capu soup with a popular New Zealand meal of toasted samies known as 'toasties'. Tomato and cheese with other stuff in if you wanted like ham and mayo but new to everyone and very delicious was pinnaple and cheese with ham 😋

It was so delicious and we all enjoyed talking and playing together that we almost forgot the time but Vernon got us together for a final fun story and then it was time to go as the light faded into night!

Thanks Vernon for teaching us about how much kiwis love a BBQ and toasties. Thanks also to Satsuki for the tamato plants and Kuro chan for running, playing and cooking and thank you Rumi for bringing all the food and making a delicious soup 🍲 Last but not least a big thank you to Kanae for letting us use her home like it is our own.

See you all at English let's go 4 on the 14th of July!



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