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2023.4.28 Easter

Let's go English event number 2 was held on a nice warm evening with lots of familiar faces and few new ones too, thank you all for coming to learn about Easter!

We had lots of fun painting eggs, a tradition that represents the return of Jesus Christ and now made into a game of hiding the eggs the Easter Bunny 🐰 brings and finding them... we also made rabbit ears ready to jump like an Easter Bunny.

After making rabbit ears, egg painting and preparing the soup it was time to head up the hill and try another English tradition, sack racing. This was lots of fun for everyone trying to jump forward while standing in a sack and wear our easter bunny ears 😂

We all got very hungry and learning that the Easter Bunny had hidden our painted eggs it was time to head back down the hill and find our own painted eggs to eat with the Capu Capu soup and of course hot cross buns 😋

This a must have food for English speakers at Easter to remember Jesus Christ being crucified on the cross. Again we got busy with our craft skills and made a cross on our bread buns to complete the day and head home with a full tummy and friendship.

It was a pleasure to teach you all about Easter

traditions and speak with you in English, see you soon, Vernon.





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