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2023.11.24 English Let's go 9; English plant words, fun, food and fresh ginger ale!

English Let's go 9 evening of English plant words, fun, food and fresh ginger ale!

It was a cool but nice evening with a fun start that continued all the way to the end as everyone arrived with smiles. As always clapping of hands and stamping feet to the words of "if your happy and you know it...", started our English, then a book reading, Capu Capu song in English and practice the nights theme - learn, find and collect 5 plant parts - roots, stem, leaves, flowers and grass.

It was lots of fun and everyone found some plant parts then came and told me what they are in English 😁

As the sun set we ran back to enjoy making fresh ginger and lemon ale. Vernon had grated the ginger but it was the kids job to squeeze the lemons and ginger juice out then add sugar and mix with soda water, very delicious 😋 Rumi had soup ready while Kuro Chan and Kanae had a good fire with baked sweet potatos and bread rolls, then to finish we cooked marshmallows on the fire. 🤤

At the end we had time to play, laugh and leave with the smiles that were a big part of the whole evening!

See you next month to write a card to Santa and ask for what you want Santa to bring you at Christmas ☺️



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