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2023.3.31 First English 'lets go'

Thank you for coming to our first English 'lets go' event! It was a joy to see you all and make name necklaces together 😊.

Maybe you were not sure if you can talk English but with a little smile and time spent spelling your names we can share many English words and I was happy to hear you all trying.

Then some play time and helping to cut vegetables for the Udon soup we all became friends ready to go for a hike.

First tho we had a new English song, together clapping hands and stamping feet, followed by the English book 'The Hungry Caterpillar'!

Out on the walk We found lots of flowers, grass and wood to collect, learning the colors and names of each, it was such a lot of fun ☺️.

We got hungry and with Mum's and Dad's help it was time to enjoy yummy Capu Capu style Udon picnic together and another chance to enjoy talking English with all the families. Some were shy but please don't be shy, I like to talk to you all.

As the moon shone bright it was time to say goodnight.

We sang Capu Capu song in English and said so long, see you soon 😄.

I am looking forward to next month and more happy times sharing English with you.

Thank you, Vernon





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